Susana Beceiro

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Effective clearance of apoptotic cells by macrophages is essential for immune homeostasis. The transcriptional pathways that allow macrophages to sense and respond to apoptotic cells are poorly defined. We found that liver X receptor (LXR) signaling was important for both apoptotic cell clearance and the maintenance of immune tolerance. Apoptotic cell(More)
Macrophages are professional phagocytic cells that orchestrate innate immune responses and have considerable phenotypic diversity at different anatomical locations. However, the mechanisms that control the heterogeneity of tissue macrophages are not well characterized. Here we found that the nuclear receptor LXRα was essential for the differentiation of(More)
Efficient execution of apoptotic cell death followed by efficient clearance mediated by professional macrophages is a key mechanism in maintaining tissue homeostasis. Removal of apoptotic cells usually involves three central elements: 1) attraction of phagocytes via soluble "find me" signals, 2) recognition and phagocytosis via cell surface-presenting "eat(More)
Noelia A-Gonzalez1, Steven J. Bensinger2,3, Cynthia Hong2,3, Susana Beceiro1, Michelle N. Bradley2,3, Noam Zelcer2,3, Jose Deniz1, Cristina Ramirez1, Merci Díaz1, German Gallardo1, Carlos Ruiz de Galarreta1, Jon Salazar2,3, Felix Lopez1, Peter Edwards4, John Parks5, Miguel Andujar6, Peter Tontonoz2,3,*, and Antonio Castrillo1,7,* 1Immune Signaling(More)
Macrophages exert potent effector functions against invading microorganisms but constitute, paradoxically, a preferential niche for many bacterial strains to replicate. Using a model of infection by Salmonella Typhimurium, we have identified a molecular mechanism regulated by the nuclear receptor LXR that limits infection of host macrophages through(More)
C. Caesar,1,2 J. Simonis,1,3 T. Adachi,4 Y. Aksyutina,2,3 J. Alcantara,5 S. Altstadt,6 H. Alvarez-Pol,5 N. Ashwood,7 T. Aumann,1,2,* V. Avdeichikov,8 M. Barr,7 S. Beceiro,5 D. Bemmerer,9 J. Benlliure,5 C. A. Bertulani,10 K. Boretzky,2 M. J. G. Borge,11 G. Burgunder,12 M. Caamano,5 E. Casarejos,13 W. Catford,14 J. Cederkäll,8 S. Chakraborty,15 M. Chartier,16(More)
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