Susan Zimicki

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To ascertain whether measles vaccination was associated with reduced mortality rates in rural Bangladeshi children, the authors conducted a case-control study in four contiguous areas, two of which had participated in an intensive measles vaccination program which began in the spring of 1982. Cases were 536 children who had died in the four-area region at(More)
Zoonotic disease emergence is not a purely biological process mediated only by ecologic factors; opportunities for transmission of zoonoses from animals to humans also depend on how people interact with animals. While exposure is conditioned by the type of animal and the location in which interactions occur, these in turn are influenced by human activity.(More)
The authors studied the frequency of diarrheal illness associated with non-typhi Salmonella at two clinics in Bangladesh for the years 1977-1979. Non-typhi salmonellae were isolated from 0.29% of fecal specimens or rectal swabs in an urban area and 0.26% of similar specimens in a rural area; the frequency of isolations peaked in the summer months.(More)
Indoor air pollution has been causally linked to acute lower respiratory infections in children younger than 5. The aim of this study was to identify target behaviors for a behavioral intervention to reduce child exposure to indoor air pollution by attempting to answer two research questions: Which behaviors are protective of child respiratory health in the(More)
A small retrospective study carried out in rural Bangladesh identified respiratory illness, diarrhoea and conjunctival dryness as complications of measles. A case-fatality rate of 1.3% was recorded. Association between length of diarrhoea and conjunctival dryness was noted. However, no difference was observed in the anthropometric data between cases and(More)
The acceptability of prepackaged rice-based (Oresol-R) and flavoured (Oresol-F) glucose-based oral rehydration salts (ORS) solutions was compared with that of standard glucose-based ORS (Oresol-G) in a randomized field trial. Additionally, it is determined if presenting rice-based ORS as a solution that would help stop diarrhoea (Oresol-K) enhanced its(More)
Human Nipah virus (NiV) infection, often fatal in Bangladesh, is primarily transmitted by drinking raw date palm sap contaminated by Pteropus bats. We assessed the impact of a behavior change communication intervention on reducing consumption of potentially NiV-contaminated raw sap. During the 2012–2014 sap harvesting seasons, we implemented interventions(More)
We compared the prior pregnancy histories of 85 multigravid women with an ectopic pregnancy and 498 multigravid delivery comparison subjects. We found a relationship between the number of prior induced abortions and the risk of ectopic pregnancy: the crude relative risk of ectopic pregnancy was 1.6 for women with one prior induced abortion and 4.0 for women(More)
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