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Sweet-Talking the Fourth Branch: The Influence of Interest Group Comments on Federal Agency Rulemaking
Issue Section: Articles © The Author 2005. Published by Oxf ord University Press on behalf of the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Inc. All rig hts reserved. For permissions,Expand
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A Bias Towards Business? Assessing Interest Group Influence on the U.S. Bureaucracy
We test the proposition that the federal bureaucracy exhibits a “bias toward business” during notice and comment rulemaking. We analyze over 30 bureaucratic rules and almost 1,700 comments over theExpand
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Assessing Inter-Institutional Attention to and Influence on Government Regulations
The US federal bureaucracy implements the nation's laws while juggling its own preferences and the preferences of numerous stakeholders. This article begins to unpack the conditions under which theExpand
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The Politics of Ex Parte Lobbying: Pre-Proposal Agenda Building and Blocking during Agency Rulemaking
Scholars generally agree that interest groups are active and at times influential during the notice and comment period of regulatory policymaking (or ‘‘rulemaking’’). But current research oftenExpand
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An Empirical Assessment of Devolution's Policy Impact
This article evaluates the influence of devolution on perceived and actual policy outcomes at the local level in the United States. Proponents of devolution often argue that the transfer ofExpand
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Understanding commenter influence during agency rule development
We provide the first empirical assessment of commenter influence during the rule development stage of administrative rulemaking. We argue that public com-menters play a critical agenda-setting roleExpand
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Interest Group Competition on Federal Agency Rules
In the lobbying literature, the effects of competition—two or more interests lobbying on opposing sides of a policy debate—have not been assessed with regard to government agency policymaking.Expand
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Influence and the Administrative Process: Lobbying the U.S. President's Office of Management and Budget
All administrative processes contain points of entry for politics, and the U.S. president's use of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to review government regulations is no exception.Expand
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Lobbying Coalitions and Government Policy Change: An Analysis of Federal Agency Rulemaking
Coalition lobbying is one of the most frequently employed influence tactics used by interest groups today. Yet, surprisingly, the existing literature measuring its policy effects finds either noExpand
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