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Subsurface transport of plutonium (Pu) may be facilitated by the formation of intrinsic Pu colloids. While this colloid-facilitated transport is largely governed by the electrokinetic properties and dispersion stability (resistance to aggregation) of the colloids, reported experimental data is scarce. Here, we quantify the dependence of ζ-potential of(More)
Students with mental retardation and deafness or deaf-blindness often need some type of communication system to communicate effectively with communication partners during community-based vocational training. However, students may need specific training to learn how to initiate requests for items or assistance, a skill identified as critical for job success.(More)
Diffusion cell experiments were conducted to measure nonsorbing solute matrix diffusion coefficients in forty-seven different volcanic rock matrix samples from eight different locations (with multiple depth intervals represented at several locations) at the Nevada Test Site. The solutes used in the experiments included bromide, iodide, pentafluorobenzoate(More)
The aim of this study was to demonstrate the equivalence of 12-Lead Electrocardiograms (EKG) obtained with the new V-Quick patch and traditional tab-style electrodes. Using a within-subject design, a convenience sample of 100 subjects with either cardiac or pulmonary disease underwent two 12-lead EKGs, one with the traditional tab-style electrodes and one(More)
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