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WE ARE DEEPLY DISTURBED BY THE RECENT ESCALATION OF POLITICAL ASSAULTS ON SCIENTISTS in general and on climate scientists in particular. All citizens should understand some basic scientifi c facts. There is always some uncertainty associated with scientifi c conclusions; science never absolutely proves anything. When someone says that society should wait(More)
Courses in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems (SAF) Lower Division 92. Internship (1-12) Internship—3-36 hours. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Restricted to Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems majors or with consent of instructor. Lower-division internship for students enrolled in the Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems program of(More)
An interdisciplinary team (from Design, Community Development, Computer Science, and Rhetoric & Writing) created an interactive, updateable timeline showing the Evolution of Participatory Practices (EPP) in five disciplines over 50 years; the team members also documented and reflected on their own participatory practices. This Experience Report(More)
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