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This paper describes case study based research on the use of innovative computer-based decision support systems introduced into corporate lending processes in a major UK bank. It describes how the new technology was implicated in shifting boundaries: within the sector as a whole and in specific organizational de-layering; between local/global dimensions of(More)
Acknowledgments We would like to thank Stuart Madnick and Leslie Willcocks for their support of this project, Vasiliki Baka for her research assistance, and the study participants for their contributions to the fieldwork. Feedback from participants at events where we have presented earlier versions of this work is much appreciated. We also gratefully(More)
This paper presents a preliminary analysis of case study based research exploring the shift from traditional 'open-outcry' to electronic trading in the major futures Markets in London and Chicago. We outline the emergence of electronic trading in these Markets, with the aim of examining the influences that will shape the operation and interaction between(More)