Susan Taylor

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This study extends prior research on the chain of relationships among organizational justice, social exchange relationships, and employee reactions by investigating the proposed mediating role of psychological contract violations. Results obtained from a longitudinal design examining a sample of 191 employees provide strong support for the proposal, enhance(More)
OBJECTIVE Documentation and evaluation of patient outcomes in a pilot study into the role of rural community pharmacists in the management of depression. DESIGN Parallel groups design with a control and intervention group. SETTING Thirty-two community pharmacies in rural and remote New South Wales, Australia. PARTICIPANTS One hundred and six patient(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper explores pharmacist perceptions of a pilot study assessing the impact of specialist training on depression for rural community pharmacists on their understanding of treatment and psychological well-being of patients. DESIGN Mixed method survey. SETTING Rural community pharmacies. PARTICIPANTS Thirty-two rural based community(More)
OBJECTIVE The process evaluation findings and key issues from a trial of the effectiveness and national applicability of a national online educational curriculum for pharmacist preceptors are presented. DESIGN A multi-method triangulated research design was used to elicit qualitative and quantitative data preceptors. The data collection method involved an(More)
The present study was designed to better understand the antecedents and consequences of expatriate adjustment in an international assignment. The researchers surveyed Japanese expatriates assigned to the United States. Structural equation modeling was utilized to test our hypotheses and model. The results indicated that previous knowledge of the host(More)
Increasing numbers of professional and managerial employees are requesting a shift from full-time to part-time work. In a policy-capturing study, 200 attorneys (including both partners and associates) rated how likely their firms would be to accept different hypothetical attorneys’ requests for part-time work. Supporting predictions based on dependency(More)
Social network interventions that utilize informal systems of helping can be an important strategy for health promotion change. This article describes the development, implementation and evaluation of a natural (lay) helping intervention for health promotion change, specifically designed for women in small rural blue-collar worksites. One hundred and four(More)
OBJECTIVES (i) To develop a national strategy for pharmacy preceptor education and support, with special consideration for rural and remote practitioners. (ii) To deliver an innovative national core pharmacist preceptor education and support model that could be customised for specific undergraduate programs. DESIGN A steering committee, with(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the efforts of health faculties at the University of Sydney to contribute to the recruitment and retention of rural health professionals and examine for opportunities that would benefit from an institutional-led response. DESIGN Cross-sectional survey. SETTING The University of Sydney as a leading institution for health science(More)
1 Although this study provides insight about how parents perceive their role in career development, bear in mind that there was no random sampling of participants and all responses were voluntary. Parents may have attempted to provide answers that they believed were desirable to the career office staff—those who distributed the survey. In(More)