Susan T. Lubejko

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In the visual, auditory, and electrosensory modalities, stimuli are defined by first- and second-order attributes. The fast time-pressure signal of a sound, a first-order attribute, is important, for instance, in sound localization and pitch perception, while its slow amplitude-modulated envelope, a second-order attribute, can be used for sound recognition.(More)
Reliable representation of the spectrotemporal features of an acoustic stimulus is critical for sound recognition. However, if all neurons respond with identical firing to the same stimulus, redundancy in the activity patterns would reduce the information capacity of the population. We thus investigated spike reliability and temporal fluctuation coding in(More)
adaptive spiking in the owl’s cochlear nucleus 2 Bertrand Fontaine1, Katrina M. MacLeod2, Susan T. Lubejko2, Louisa J. Steinberg1, Christine 3 Köppl3, Jose L Peña1 4 1 Dominick P. Department of Neuroscience, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY 10461 5 2 Department of Biology, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Program, University of Maryland, 6(More)
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