Susan T Crowley

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Acute kidney injury (AKI) is common among critically ill patients and results in increased mortality in this population. This review focuses on the diagnosis and management of AKI. The authors first explore new aspects of diagnosis, including new criteria that take into account even modest changes in renal function, and the development of novel biomarkers(More)
Determination of the optimal dose of renal replacement therapy in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury has been controversial. Questions have recently been raised regarding the design and execution of the US Department of Veterans Affairs/National Institutes of Health Acute Renal Failure Trial Network (ATN) Study, which demonstrated no(More)
The annual receipt of large tax refunds, primarily due to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), provides families with an unusual opportunity to save and build assets. In 2007, we conducted a short survey, followed by in-depth interviews, with 194 African-American, Latino, and White parents who received the EITC, all with refunds of at least $1,000. The(More)
Whereas in many parts of the world a low protein diet (LPD, 0.6-0.8 g/kg/day) is routinely prescribed for the management of patients with non-dialysis-dependent chronic kidney disease (CKD), this practice is infrequent in North America. The historical underpinnings related to LPD in the USA including the non-conclusive results of the Modification of Diet in(More)
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