Susan Straus

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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients and controls were compared on a variety of mood state, personality, and neuropsychological measures, including memory, word finding, and attentional tasks that required participants to focus, sustain, or divide their attention, or to perform a combination of these functions. CFS patients demonstrated a selective(More)
The impact of tactical knowledge on integrative and distributive response-in-kind behavior sequences and the ability to shift from distributive to integrative behaviors were examined using data from a prior study. Ninety dyads engaged in a multi-issue joint venture negotiation. Forty-five dyads were provided tactical knowledge and the other 45 were not.(More)
8168 Background: Older patients are underrepresented in many areas of cancer services utilization and in clinical trial enrollment. This study evaluates whether age, when adjusted for potential confounders is predictive of cancer management. METHODS First, we utilized the Ontario Cancer Registry (OCR) to examine for any differences in treatment practices(More)
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