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Pixel-planes is a logic-enhanced memory system for raster graphics and imaging. Although each pixel-memory is enhanced with a one-bit ALU, the system's real power comes from a tree of one-bit adders that can evaluate linear expressions <i>Ax+By+C</i> for every pixel <i>(x,y)</i> simultaneously, as fast as the ALUs and the memory <i>circuits</i> can accept(More)
A modified formulation of oriented boxing called oriented slab boxing is presented. It almost doubles the speed of the oriented boxing component in B-spline intersection. The method used to accelerate B-spline intersection includes algorithmic improvements and parallelization of the algorithm at different levels of granularity to find an optimum solution on(More)
This paper describes techniques fQr improving the performance of image rendering on personal workstations by using CPU cycles going idle while the user is examining a static image on the screen. In that spirit, we believe that a renderer's work is never done. Our goal is to convey the most information to the user as early as possible, with image quality(More)
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