Susan Schuh

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Physicians seeing sexually abused children in their practices often fail to recognize the abuse. Recognizing the frequency of child sexual abuse and variety of presentations will alert physicians to seek explanation. Physicians should know the common behavior of perpetrators and how to encourage children to reveal and describe the abuse. Information gained(More)
A combined patient flow and work sampling study was done at the Ambulatory Pediatric Service of the Medical University of South Carolina. The biggest problem was that almost two thirds of the patient's time was spent waiting to see the doctor. Reasons for delay included too few examining rooms, the single block appointment system, and design of the facility.
If roles and responsibilities for accomplishing tasks are not clearly defined, there will be a risk of serious errors of omission or com mission. This risk may relate to intera ction between multiple crew members, to interactions between c rew a nd r obotics/automation, and between crew and ground control. U nderstanding th e characteristics of the ele(More)
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