Susan S Elliger

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Previous treatment of mucopolysaccharidosis type VII mice (Sly syndrome) with AAV vectors has resulted in increased levels of beta-glucuronidase (GUS) enzyme in some tissues with reduction of glycosaminoglycan storage granules and improved health. By adding coding sequences for secretion (Igkappa) and uptake (HIV-1 TAT) signals to the GUS gene delivered by(More)
Abnormal expression of platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) receptors has been observed in malignant glioma and other tumors such as osteosarcomas and malignant melanomas. However, their role in the development and maintenance of the tumors is not understood. Signaling through the PDGF receptors is activated by ligand-induced dimerization. Thus,(More)
We describe the chimerization of a monoclonal antibody directed against the c-erbB-2 protein using a novel PCR method for cloning immunoglobulin variable region genes. We also describe the characterization of the chimera and show its potential use for treating cancers which overexpress the c-erbB-2 protein. The genomic DNA fragments of heavy and light chain(More)
The c-erbB-2 gene encodes a M(r) 185,000 tyrosine kinase receptor (p185) with extensive homology to the epidermal growth factor receptor. We have conducted mechanistic studies with several anti-p185 monoclonal antibodies (TAb 250, -255, -257, -260, and -263) directed against the extracellular domain of p185 utilizing the SKBR-3, BT-474, and SKOV-3 cancer(More)
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