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The large receptive fields of retinal horizontal cells are thought to reflect extensive electrical coupling via gap junctions. It was shown recently that the biotinylated tracers, biocytin and Neurobiotin, provide remarkable images of coupling between many types of retinal neuron, including horizontal cells. Further, these demonstrations of tracer coupling(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined the independent effect of a patient's weight on medical students' attitudes, beliefs and interpersonal behavior toward the patient, in addition to the clinical recommendations they make for her care. DESIGN A total of 76 clinical-level medical students were randomly assigned to interact with a digital, virtual female patient(More)
The current study examined how assessments of copresence in an immersive virtual environment are influenced by variations in how much an embodied agent resembles a human being in appearance and behavior. We measured the extent to which virtual representations were both perceived and treated as if they were human via self-report, behavioral, and cognitive(More)
This article may be used for research, teaching and private study purposes. Any substantial or systematic reproduction, redistribution , reselling , loan or sub-licensing, systematic supply or distribution in any form to anyone is expressly forbidden. The publisher does not give any warranty express or implied or make any representation that the contents(More)
Hypothetical scenario methodology is commonly employed in the study of genetic susceptibility testing uptake estimation. The methodology, however, has not been rigorously assessed and sizeable gaps exist between estimated and actual uptake for tests that have recently become available. This quantitative review explores the effect of several theoretically(More)
Presence in virtual learning environments (VLEs) has been associated with a number of outcome factors related to a user's ability and motivation to learn. The extant but relatively small body of research suggests that a high level of presence is related to better performance on learning outcomes in VLEs. Different configurations of form and content(More)
BACKGROUND National data suggest a higher prevalence of obesity among boys. One possible cause could be the food choices made by parents on behalf of their children. OBJECTIVES This study sought to determine whether and how mothers' food choices for their children differ by child gender and to understand the drivers of these differences. DESIGN Data(More)
BACKGROUND Social media is a recent source of health information that could disseminate new scientific research, such as the genetics of smoking. OBJECTIVE The objectives were (1) to evaluate the availability of genetic information about smoking on different social media platforms (ie, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter) and (2) to assess the type and the(More)
OBJECTIVE Weight-based discrimination negatively influences health, potentially via increased willingness to engage in unhealthful behaviours. This study examines whether the provision of genomic obesity information in a clinical context can lead to less willingness to engage in unhealthy eating and alcohol consumption through a mediated process including(More)