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Acknowledgments First and foremost, I would like to thank my advisor, Ira Gessel, for his guidance of my work. His insightful comments and generosity with his time and ideas have been invaluable. I am grateful as well to Richard Stanley and Susan Parker for serving on my dissertation committee. I would also like to thank Professor Parker for her advice and(More)
  • John Bergdall, Marco Aldi, Rebecca Bellovin, Thomas Barnet-Lamb, Shaunak Deo, Yu Fang +11 others
  • 2013
Contents Acknowledgements 5 Introduction 7 Background and history 7 Statement of results and methods 9 Organization 13 Notations and conventions 14 Chapter 1. Affinoid algebras, the Robba ring and (ϕ, Γ)-modules 17 1.1. Affinoid algebras (over Q p) 17 1.2. The Robba ring 19 1.3. (ϕ, Γ)-modules 23 Chapter 2. Arithmetic theory of Galois representations and(More)
2011 Acknowledgments The work in this thesis would not have begun without the guidance and advice of my supervisor, Professor Ira Gessel, to whom I give my sincerest thanks. His many insights and good ideas, as well as his generosity and patience during my moments of confusion, made this thesis possible. I would also like to thank my friends and classmates(More)
  • Rebecca S Torrey, Avner Ash, Kevin Buzzard, John Cremona, David Dummit, Frazer Jarvis +14 others
  • 2009
Declaration This thesis is a presentation of my own original research work. Wherever contributions of others are involved, every effort has been made to indicate this clearly with due reference to the literature. Abstract In this thesis, I investigate a generalization to imaginary quadratic fields of the refined version of Serre's conjecture. I ask whether(More)
Acknowledgements I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Ira Gessel, my advisor, for his mathematical insight and his guidance, and for the tremendous patience he has shown me and the enormous amount of time he has shared with me so generously. Without his help, I do not think I could even come close to finishing this work. I thank my family for(More)
2001 iv Acknowledgments I'd like to thank my advisor, Ira Gessel, for his unwavering support. He has been all that I ever could have asked for in an advisor, providing invaluable mathematical direction and allowing me the flexibility to deal with the rest of my life. Sara Billey and Susan Parker have not only agreed to sit on my committee, but have kept(More)
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