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Threat Image Projection (TIP) is a software system that is used at airports to project images of threat items amongst the passenger baggage being screened by X-ray. The use of TIP is becoming more widespread and is increasingly being included as part of security regulation. This is due to its purported benefits of improved attention and vigilance, and(More)
Motivated by the need for an informative, unbiased, and quantitative perceptual method for the evaluation of a talking head we are developing, we propose a new test based on the “McGurk Effect.” Our approach helps to identify strengths and weaknesses in visual--speech synthesis algorithms for talking heads and facial animations, in general, and(More)
We report on a study of mixture modeling problems arising in the assessment o f chemical structure-activity relationships in drug design and discovery. Pharmaceutical research laboratories developing test compounds for screening synthesize many related candidate compounds by linking together collections of basic molecular building blocks, known as monomers.(More)
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