Susan N. Coppersmith

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Free magnetic moments usually manifest themselves in Curie laws, where weak external magnetic fields produce magnetizations that vary as the reciprocal of the temperature (1/T). For a variety of materials that do not display static magnetism, including doped semiconductors and certain rare-earth intermetallics, the 1/T law is replaced by a power law(More)
Single molecule approaches offer the promise of large, exquisitely miniature ensembles for the generation of equally large data sets. Although microfluidic devices have previously been designed to manipulate single DNA molecules, many of the functionalities they embody are not applicable to very large DNA molecules, normally extracted from cells.(More)
Red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) nacre is a layered composite biomineral that contains crystalline aragonite tablets confined by organic layers. Nacre is intensely studied because its biologically controlled microarchitecture gives rise to remarkable strength and toughness, but the mechanisms leading to its formation are not well understood. Here we present(More)
We determine the optimal scaling of local-update flat-histogram methods with system size by using a perfect flat-histogram scheme based upon the exact density of states of 2D Ising models. The typical tunneling time needed to sample the entire bandwidth does not scale with the number of spins N as the minimal N2 of an unbiased random walk in energy space.(More)
We consider a class of models describing the dynamics of N Boolean variables, where the time evolution of each depends on the values of K of the other variables. Previous work has considered models with dissipative dynamics. Here we consider time-reversible models, which necessarily have the property that every possible point in the state-space is an(More)
Sea urchin teeth are remarkable and complex calcite structures, continuously growing at the forming end and self-sharpening at the mature grinding tip. The calcite (CaCO(3)) crystals of tooth components, plates, fibers, and a high-Mg polycrystalline matrix, have highly co-oriented crystallographic axes. This ability to co-orient calcite in a mineralized(More)
In this paper we analyze the behavior of quantum random walks. In particular we present several new results for the absorption probabilities in systems with both one and two absorbing walls for the one-dimensional case. We compute these probabilities both by employing generating functions and by use of an eigenfunction approach. The generating function(More)
We show that the quantum dynamics of interacting and noninteracting quantum particles are fundamentally different in the context of solving a particular computational problem. Specifically, we consider the graph isomorphism problem, in which one wishes to determine whether two graphs are isomorphic (related to each other by a relabeling of the graph(More)
Timothy B. Boykin,1 Gerhard Klimeck,2,5 Mark Friesen,3,4 S. N. Coppersmith,3 Paul von Allmen,2 Fabiano Oyafuso,2 and Seungwon Lee2 1Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, Alabama 35899, USA 2Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, 4800 Oak Grove Road, MS 169-315,(More)