Susan McGillivray

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To reduce dependence on foreign oil reserves, there has been a push in North America to develop alternative domestic energy resources. Relatively undeveloped renewable energy resources include biofuels and wind and solar energy, many of which occur predominantly on rangelands. Rangelands are also key areas for natural gas development from shales and tight(More)
Lytic lesions occurring in conjunction with plasma cell sarcoma (multiple myeloma) have rarely been reported in cats.A plasma cell sarcoma was diagnosed in a 13 year old castrated male Siamese cat with hind limb paresis resulting from osteolysis of the second lumbar vertebra. Serum electrophoresis showed a monoclonal gammopathy. A uniform population of(More)
Ninety-eight calves were studied to determine if anemia and poikilocytosis were related to iron or copper status or hemoglobin type. No significant differences were found in serum iron, total iron binding capacity, marrow iron, plasma copper or hemoglobin type between affected and normal calves. Poikilocytes were strongly inversely correlated (-0.9177) with(More)
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