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National Adaptation Plans and human mobility
In order to avoid displacement when possible, displacement and human mobility issues need to be better integrated within national and regional adaptation planning processes. When movement cannot beExpand
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Can a combined screening/treatment programme prevent premature failure of renal transplants due to chronic rejection in patients with HLA antibodies: study protocol for the multicentre randomised
BackgroundRenal transplantation is the best treatment for kidney failure, in terms of length and quality of life and cost-effectiveness. However, most transplants fail after 10 to 12 years,Expand
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Rethinking Protection of Those Displaced by Humanitarian Crises
In June 2015, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees announced a landmark event in the history of his organization. UNHCR estimated that there were more refugees and displaced persons than it hadExpand
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What is crisis migration
Movements precipitated by humanitarian crises have implications that touch upon immigration control and national interests, human rights, humanitarian and development principles, and the frameworksExpand
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Preparing for Change: Evaluation of the Key Stage 3 Strategy Pilot
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Model International Mobility Convention
People are as mobile as they ever were in our globalized world. Yet the movement of people across borders lacks global regulation, leaving many people unprotected in irregular and dire situations andExpand
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Alternative approaches to offshoring and global scanning in MNEs : examples from the Bulgarian software industry
Mariana Dodourova and Susan Martin, ‘Alternative approaches to offshoring and global scanning in MNEs: examples from the Bulgarian software industry’, paper presented at the British Academy ofExpand
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