Susan Manley

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These cancer genetic counseling recommendations describe the medical, psychosocial, and ethical ramifications of identifying at-risk individuals through cancer risk assessment with or without genetic testing. They were developed by members of the Practice Issues Subcommittee of the National Society of Genetic Counselors Cancer Genetic Counseling Special(More)
The placenta must allow the passage of iodide from the maternal to the fetal circulation for synthesis of thyroxine by the fetal thyroid. The thyroid sodium iodide symporter (NIS) was cloned in 1996 and, although widely distributed among epithelial tissues, early studies failed to detect it in placenta. We demonstrated NIS mRNA in human placenta and in the(More)
Cultured human choriocarcinoma cells of the BeWo line exhibited saturable accumulation of radioiodide. Inhibition by competing anions followed the affinity series perchlorate >> iodide > or = thiocyanate, consistent with uptake through the thyroid iodide transporter, NIS, whose messenger RNA was found in BeWo cells, and whose protein was distributed towards(More)
The biogenesis of follicles from aggregates of precursor cells is an important morphogenetic process in thyroid embryology. It necessitates the creation of a polarized cell phenotype, assembly of specialized cell-cell junctions, and generation of follicular lumena. In this study we sought to investigate the relationship between cell polarization and lumen(More)
In epithelial cells interactions between the actin cytoskeleton and cell-cell junctions regulate paracellular permeability and participate in morphogenesis. We have studied the relationship between supracellular morphology and actin-junction interactions using primary cultures of porcine thyroid cells grown either as three-dimensional follicles or as open(More)
The role of inhibition of Na+/Ca2+ exchange in the positive inotropic, negative chronotropic and vasorelaxant responses to amiloride and some of its analogues was investigated in isolated cardiovascular tissues from female Wistar rats. The compounds tested were amiloride, 5-(N-ethyl-N-isopropyl)amiloride (EIPA, a potent inhibitor of Na+/H+ exchange),(More)
1. The effects of adenosine 5'-triphosphate (ATP), uridine 5'-triphosphate (UTP) and analogues on forskolin-stimulated absorption of Na+ by porcine thyroid epithelial cells were analysed in cultures grown as confluent monolayers on permeable supports in Transwell Ussing chambers. 2. 85% of the forskolin (10 microM)-stimulated short-circuit current was(More)
When freshly isolated porcine thyroid cells are stimulated with thyrotropin (TSH) they organize to form functional follicles in conventional substrate-adherent culture. Cell aggregation is essential for follicular reorganization and is likely to be influenced by the balance between cell-cell adhesion (promoting aggregation) and cell-substrate adhesion(More)
We investigated the uptake of L-tri-iodothyronine (T3) by cultured human trophoblast cells. Uptake was time-dependent, initially linear and approaching equilibrium after 60 min with an approximate half-time of 13 +/- 4.5 min (mean +/- S.E.M., n = 4). It had a non-saturable component accounting for about 50% of total uptake. We demonstrated a single(More)
Porcine thyroid epithelial cells cultured as a monolayer with their apical membranes facing the medium are known to absorb Na+ and to secrete the anions Cl- and HCO3-. Chloride channels were found in the apical membrane, and displayed a reversal potential close to the resting membrane potential, linear current-voltage relationships, a conductance at(More)