Susan M Vickers

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New precious-metal-free mesoporous materials were investigated as catalysts for the complete oxidation of methane to carbon dioxide. Mesoporous cobalt oxide was first synthesized using KIT-6 mesoporous silica as a hard template. After removal of the silica, the cobalt oxide was itself used as a hard template to construct cerium oxide/cobalt oxide composite(More)
Cerium formate hollow spheres and cerium hydroxycarbonate nanorods with residual formate groups are effective for reducing palladium(II) salts onto their surfaces. Calcination of the new materials obtained by this surface-assisted reduction method gives highly active PdO/CeO2 nanostructures with Pd well dispersed on the substrate. Temperature-programmed(More)
By subtly varying crystallization conditions, four distinct cadmium acetate coordination networks with unit cell formulas Cd(87)(H(2)O)(36)(EtOH)(18)(OH)(12)(CH(3)CO(2))(162) (1), Cd(87)(H(2)O)(72)(OH)(12)(CH(3)CO(2))(162) (2), Cd(10)(H(2)O)(6)(OH)(2)(CH(3)CO(2))(18) (3), and Cd(20)(H(2)O)(20)(OH)(4)(CH(3)CO(2))(36) (4) have been isolated. The coordination(More)
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