Susan M. Kerr

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OBJECTIVE To explore the experience of caregiving in informal carers of stroke patients. DESIGN The research approach was qualitative. Data were collected one year after the stroke occurred using a semi-structured interview. The audio-taped interviews were transcribed and following this process were analysed thematically using constant comparative(More)
BACKGROUND Health Care Practitioners' attempts to implement secondary prevention targets for coronary heart disease (CHD) may be restricted by low rates of persistence with statin therapy. There is a need to understand why some patients, despite having established CHD and elevated cholesterol, do not comply with their prescribed statin regimen. AIM To(More)
We have cloned a novel Tcp-1-related mouse testis cDNA encoding a polypeptide of 531 amino acids which shares 81.2% identity with the zeta subunit of the mouse cytosolic chaperonin-containing TCP-1 (CCT). Immunoblot analysis of mouse testis CCT subunits separated by 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis indicates that this novel gene, Cctz-2, encodes a CCT(More)
AIM To explore the impact of parent-to-parent support when a child is born with a disability. DESIGN The research approach was qualitative. Data were collected retrospectively and were derived from in-depth interviews with parents. The audio-taped interviews were transcribed and then analysed using constant comparative procedures. SETTING Scotland. (More)
BACKGROUND Stroke is a major cause of disability and family disruption and carries a high risk of recurrence. Lifestyle factors that increase the risk of recurrence include smoking, unhealthy diet, excessive alcohol consumption and physical inactivity. Guidelines recommend that secondary prevention interventions, which include the active provision of(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Four outcome measures of carer stress and coping at one year post-stroke were identified: carer general health, anxiety, depression and perception of stress. METHODS Each outcome was assessed using valid and reliable instruments. In addition, we collected demographic data from both carers and patients which could reasonably be(More)
PURPOSE Postmortem sperm retrieval (PMSR) raises serious medical and ethical concerns. In this study we report the effect of intra-institutional guidelines developed for the permissibility of the procedure on the number of procurement procedures performed. MATERIALS AND METHODS The family members of 22 men who died suddenly sought PMSR. We performed an(More)
BACKGROUND Guidelines recommend implementation of multimodal interventions to help prevent recurrent TIA/stroke. We undertook a systematic review to assess the effectiveness of behavioral secondary prevention interventions. STRATEGY Searches were conducted in 14 databases, including MEDLINE (1980-January 2014). We included randomized controlled trials(More)
BACKGROUND Stroke is the third most common cause of death in industrialized countries and a major cause of adult disability. However, the burden of caring for stroke survivors usually rests with family members who have neither chosen nor volunteered for the role of 'carer'. AIMS This paper reports on a study which aimed to describe the experience of(More)
This paper reviews the literature on sleep problems in pre-school children, aiming to raise awareness of the current knowledge in this field. The article begins with a discussion of the prevalence of sleep problems in young children. Disorders of initiating and maintaining sleep are by far the most common type of sleep problem in this age group, and are(More)