Susan M Kabat

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PREMISE OF THE STUDY Microsatellite primers were developed for the common milkweed, Asclepias syriaca L., to assist in genet identification and the analysis of spatial genetic structure. METHODS AND RESULTS Using an enrichment cloning protocol, eight microsatellite loci were isolated and characterized in a Michigan population of A. syriaca. The primers(More)
The evidence recently presented of specific hybridization between bacterial ribosomal RNA and homologous DNA1-3 has indicated the possibility of a biochemical approach to the problem of the identification of ribosomal RNA sites in DNA. A difficulty in this approach is that while the specific role of the RNA in the hybridization is open to experimental test,(More)
As reported in a preceding paper,' the analysis of the sedimentation behavior and base composition of the RNA recovered from hybrids between E. coli 16S and 238 RNA and homologous DNA, after RNase digestion of non-base-paired segments, has given results which suggest a regular and complete hydrogen bonding of the hybridized RNA with specific sites in DNA. A(More)
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