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Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and hyperaldosteronism are very common in subjects with resistant hypertension. We hypothesized that aldosterone-mediated chronic fluid retention may influence OSA severity in patients with resistant hypertension. We tested this in an open-label evaluation by assessing the changes in the severity of OSA in patients with(More)
Background. Sophisticated interactive clinical case simulations for medical student education are expensive to purchase. Construction of simulations by individual faculty members has the advantage of customization, but development is time consuming. Clinicians often do not have the time to provide content expertise to a large library of simulations. An(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to determine the effect of bacteria on fluorescence polarization (FPOL) testing of amniotic fluid. METHODS Fusobacterium necrophorum and Escherichia coli were inoculated at concentrations of 10(3) and 10(6)/ml in amniotic-fluid specimens from 4 patients with no clinical or laboratory evidence of infection. The FPOL results were(More)
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