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This project owes a debt of gratitude to Don Mueller at R.L. Polk, Paul Sajak at American Automobile Manufacturers Association, Paul Harpel, Barbara Williams and Sue Ward at the Census Bureau, Bob Gish and Susan Liss at the Federal Highway Administration, Pat Hu at Oakridge National Laboratory, Everett Johnson at the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and Marti(More)
Different cytogenetic conditions which may produce the same phenotype can be defined as phenotypically homologous. Such conditions may differ in their mean severity. It is suggested here that the age of ascertainment by cytogenetic laboratories of individuals with chromosomal abnormalities is a useful relative index of severity. Three nonmosaic cytogenetic(More)
As an essential element of the comprehensive rehabilitation efforts at Northport VA Medical Center, and as a service whose demand is projected to increase substantially with the expanding proportion of aging veterans, eye/vision care has become increasingly important. As a result, the administration of the Medical Center decided to heed the suggestions of(More)
Basic eye care has been available at the Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC), Northport, NY, for the past 20 years. The demand for these services increased as the mission of this medical center was broadened to include major medical and surgery services. Increased migration of veterans to Long Island and their subsequent aging further increased(More)
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