Susan Laflin

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where [el indicates integer par t of e. I t is more convenient to work in terms of index I1, taking values from 0 to K = m X n 1, which gives the expression I2 = m X I1 -K X [I1/n] and the value in A ( I i + I ) must be moved to A(I2+1) . By repeating this formula we find tha t the t ransposition consists of a series of " loops" , I1 --~ I2 ~ 13 -~ . ~ I1.(More)
The use of complex data structures in most common languages is often unnecessarily confusing to all but the most experienced programmers. ATOL has been designed to include a variety of data structures in a way that is both simple to understand and easy to handle, yet sufficiently general and powerful for a wide range of applications. The syntax of the(More)
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