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Reward-Motivated Learning: Mesolimbic Activation Precedes Memory Formation
We examined anticipatory mechanisms of reward-motivated memory formation using event-related FMRI. In a monetary incentive encoding task, cues signaled high- or low-value reward for memorizing anExpand
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Neural systems predicting long-term outcome in dyslexia
Individuals with developmental dyslexia vary in their ability to improve reading skills, but the brain basis for improvement remains largely unknown. We performed a prospective, longitudinal studyExpand
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Studies on Menstrual Cycle Evaluation , Vaccination and Women ’ s Health
Menstruation occurs at the end of a normal reproductive cycle in the human female, following the fall in progesterone resulting from the demise of the corpus luteum. Current data support a centralExpand
Alterations in Cerebellar Functional Connectivity in Social Anxiety Disorder
Sheeba Arnold Anteraper, Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli, Alice Sawyer, John Gabrieli, and Christina Triantafyllou A.A. Martinos Imaging Center at McGovern Institute for Brain Research, MassachusettsExpand