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Background The frequency of full syndromal and subsyndromal delirium is understudied. Aims We conducted a point prevalence study in a general hospital. Method Possible delirium identified by testing for inattention was evaluated regarding delirium status (full/subsyndromal delirium) using categorical (Confusion Assessment Method (CAM), DSM-IV) and(More)
The members of the technical committee selected to monitor this project and to review this document were chosen for their special competencies and with regard for appropriate balance. The opinions and conclusions expressed or implied in this document are those of the researchers who performed the research. They are not necessarily those of the second(More)
Low melatonin and elevated cortisol levels have typically been reported during depression. The evidence that the converse is true during mania has been less well documented. In a single case design, repeated measures of nocturnal melatonin and cortisol were taken during mania, depression, and euthymia. Elevated levels of melatonin during mania and elevated(More)
The transportation sector is an integral part of the local, provincial and national economies. There are three important issues, including mobility, safety and economics, which must be considered when highway work zones are engineered. These competing issues are important to the key parties involved in highway construction, which include the owner, the(More)
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