Susan L. Pope

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Physical transmission rights present so many complications for a restructured electricity market that some other approach is required. With a standard market design centered on a bid-based, security-constrained, economic dispatch with locational prices, the natural approach is to define financial transmission rights that offer payments based on prices in(More)
A system relying on the use of Neurospora crassa spheroplasts has been developed for the assay of cytotoxicity and mutagenicity of chemical compounds. Mutagenicity was assayed by using reversion of alleles in the am gene selected to recognize certain specified transitions and also undefined point mutations. Cytotoxicity was quantified by measuring a(More)
Market coordination of congestion relief in an electric grid with multiple regions implies trading across boundaries. Regional system operators provide coordination services within their respective regions, and exchange information with other system operators to secure coordinated congestion relief across regions. Reliability would be preserved through a(More)
Market coordination of transmission loading relief in an electric grid with multiple regions implies trading across boundaries. Starting with the early framework for transmission loading relief that relies primarily on administrative priorities, introduction of prices and explicit trading to redispatch across regions would provide market solutions for(More)
Mental health first aid (MHFA) training has been disseminated in the community and has yielded positive outcomes in terms of increasing help-seeking behaviour and mental health literacy. However, there has been limited research investigating the effectiveness of this programme in multicultural communities. Given the increasing levels of multiculturalism in(More)
The pathogenesis of mitochondrial disorders has largely focused on the impairment of cellular energy metabolism. However, mitochondrial dysfunction has also been implicated as a factor in the initiation of apoptosis due to the translocation of cytochrome c, from mitochondria to the cytosol, and the subsequent cleavage of pro-caspase 3. In this study, we(More)
Increases in the sensitivity of DNA profiling technology now allow profiles to be obtained from smaller and more degraded DNA samples than was previously possible. The resulting profiles can be highly informative, but the subjective elements in the interpretation make it problematic to achieve the valid and efficient evaluation of evidential strength(More)
Transformation of Neurospora crassa spheroplasts is reported for three different genes, using uncloned Neurospora DNA, both naked and encapsulated in synthetic phosphatidylserine liposomes. Whereas transformation by naked DNA is DNase-sensitive, that by liposomes is not. Per unit of transforming DNA, liposome transformation is significantly more efficient(More)