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Prebiotics may enhance iron bioavailability by increasing iron absorption in the colon. Anemic pigs fitted with cecal cannulas were fed a low-iron diet with or without 4% inulin. Over 7 days, pigs were administered 1 mg of (54)Fe in the morning feed followed by cannula infusion of 0.5 mg of (58)Fe to measure total and colonic iron absorption, respectively.(More)
Videorecordings of the laryngeal activity of 108 unsedated horses were obtained at rest by passing a flexible videoendoscope into the nasopharynx through the right ventral meatus. All videotaped images were reviewed once, and 72 were reviewed twice, by three veterinarians. Laryngeal cartilage movement was assessed subjectively with a five-tier grading(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the requirement for 2nd surgical interventions and mortality after 3 different surgical techniques (percutaneous tube cystostomy [10 goats], surgical tube cystostomy [25 goats], urinary bladder marsupialization [10 goats]) for caprine obstructive urolithiasis, and to determine whether pre- or 24-hour postoperative physical(More)
Five adult 40- to 50-kg female sheep were surgically fitted with a reentrant cannulae placed in the proximal part of the duodenum just distal to the pylorus. By diversion of abomasal outflow, this model has been shown to produce hypochloremic metabolic alkalosis accompanied by dehydration, hypokalemia, and hyponatremia. Each sheep was subjected to 3(More)
Data at admission and at surgery were collected on 458 cows with right displacement of the abomasum or abomasal volvulus, to derive multiple logistic regression models for predicting postsurgical outcome (productive, salvaged, or terminal). The derived models contained few and easily obtained variables. The weight associated with each variable was(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether steady-state levels of type-II procollagen, aggrecan core protein, or fibronectin mRNA in articular chondrocytes are altered by synovitis or administration of methylprednisolone acetate (MPA). SAMPLE POPULATION Articular cartilage specimens collected from 10 ponies, 2.5 to 3.5 years old and 200 to 300 kg. PROCEDURE 4(More)
In recent years, Clostridium spp. have rapidly reemerged as human and animal pathogens. The detection and identification of pathogenic Clostridium spp. is therefore critical for clinical diagnosis and antimicrobial therapy. Traditional diagnostic techniques for clostridia are laborious, are time consuming, and may adversely affect the therapeutic outcome.(More)
Twenty Thoroughbred and Standardbred horses underwent endoscopic evaluation of arytenoid cartilage movement twice within 1 week. Each time, a flexible endoscope was passed without sedation through the right nostril and the left nostril, and through the right nostril 5 minutes after administration of xylazine hydrochloride (0.55 mg/kg or 1.1 mg/kg(More)
Digital neurectomies, performed to relieve pain and lameness, are often complicated postoperatively by formation of painful neuromas. In this study attempts were made to deliver lethal doses of neurotoxin to the cell bodies of the transected digital nerve fibres via long-distance retrograde axon transport and, thereby, prevent the regenerative changes that(More)