Susan Kunkel

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Tumours of the glandular stomach and upper small intestine were induced in rats by oral administration of MNNG. In most cases the lesions were identified histologically as adenocarcinomas and their prestages, such as polypeous and downward growing adenomatous hyperplasias. Out of 48 adenomatous hyperplasias and adenocarcinomas of the stomach and 24 well(More)
Postoperative nausea and vomiting have been reported to be associated with the use of nitrous oxide. To further investigate this possibility, 780 patients undergoing anesthesia and surgery were randomly divided into four groups: group I: enflurane/nitrous oxide/oxygen; group II: enflurane/air/oxygen; group III: isoflurane/nitrous oxide/oxygen; and group IV:(More)
 Serum placenta protein 14 (PP 14) were significantly lower serum levels in patients with threatened abortion at 10 to 20 weeks controls than in normal (normal group, n = 133, median: 52,0 µg/l [16 – 83, SD: 17,9], risk group: n = 20, median: 34,0 µg/l [13 – 63, SD: 13,7]).
Cytotrophoblast cells were isolated from human term placenta after cesarean section by fragmentation of villous tissue with trypsin and DNAse I. Trophoblast cells fuse in vitro to syncytiotrophoblast cells and progesteron is released. Placental Protein 14 (PP14) was incubated (300 micrograms/ml PP14 in 6 ml solution (6 x 10(6) cells) with the(More)
BACKGROUND The study was designed to improve the discrimination between functional and neoplastic ovarian cysts in order to avoid unnecessary surgery. METHODS Concentrations of tumor markers (CA 125, CEA, CASA, CA 72-4) and hormones (estradiol, FSH, LH) in cyst fluid were detected by enzyme immuno- or immunoradiometric assays. Wilcoxon test was used to(More)
BACKGROUND To study the storage of sialic acid in newborns reference concentrations for sialic acid were measured in maternal, retroplacental and cord blood and compared with the concentration of human placental lactogen (hPL) and estriol (E3). High serum concentrations of hPL and E3 in retroplacental blood indicate the synthesis of these products in the(More)
BACKGROUND Delayed seizures have been reported with overdoses of bupropion extended-release (XL). This study systematically evaluates the frequency and timing of seizures and an association between other toxic effects (ie, agitation, tremors, and hallucinations) and seizures. METHODS A 3-year multi-poison center observational study of hospitalized(More)
The effect of complement fragments on coronary blood flowin vivo and the contraction of coronary arteriesin vitro was determined. In pentobarbital anesthetized dogs, intraarterial bolus injection of C3a and C5a, zymosan-activated serum and methylcholine in the coronary vascular bed caused transient and dose-dependent increases in coronary blood flow.(More)
Many pitching injuries occur during deceleration of the upper extremity when the muscles of the shoulder and arm are acting eccentrically. Published information regarding eccentric muscular strength in baseball pitchers is nonexistent. The purpose of this study was to assess bilateral isokinetic eccentric and concentric muscular strength of the shoulder's(More)