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Identification of NVP-BKM120 as a Potent, Selective, Orally Bioavailable Class I PI3 Kinase Inhibitor for Treating Cancer.
Phosphoinositide-3-kinases (PI3Ks) are important oncology targets due to the deregulation of this signaling pathway in a wide variety of human cancers. Herein we describe the structure guidedExpand
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Structural resemblances and comparisons of the relative pharmacological properties of imatinib and nilotinib.
Although orphan drug applications required by the EMEA must include assessments of similarity to pre-existing products, these can be difficult to quantify. Here we illustrate a paradigm in comparingExpand
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Discovery of a Potent and Selective in Vivo Probe (GNE-272) for the Bromodomains of CBP/EP300.
The single bromodomain of the closely related transcriptional regulators CBP/EP300 is a target of much recent interest in cancer and immune system regulation. A co-crystal structure of aExpand
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Abstract 3790: Preclinical profile of LGX818: A potent and selective RAF kinase inhibitor
Selective RAF inhibitors have significant activity in patients with metastatic melanoma whose tumors express BRAFV600E. However, not all patients respond equally well to treatment and the duration ofExpand
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Therapeutic Targeting of the CBP/p300 Bromodomain Blocks the Growth of Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer.
Resistance invariably develops to antiandrogen therapies used to treat newly diagnosed prostate cancers, but effective treatments for castration-resistant disease remain elusive. Here, we report thatExpand
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Discovery of 2-pyrimidyl-5-amidothiophenes as potent inhibitors for AKT: synthesis and SAR studies.
A series of 2-pyrimidyl-5-amidothiophenes has been synthesized and evaluated for AKT inhibition. SAR studies resulted in potent inhibitors of AKT with IC(50) values as low as single digit nanomolarExpand
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Identification and structure-activity relationship of 2-morpholino 6-(3-hydroxyphenyl) pyrimidines, a class of potent and selective PI3 kinase inhibitors.
PI3 Kinases are a family of lipid kinases mediating numerous cell processes such as proliferation, migration, and differentiation. The PI3 kinase pathway is often de-regulated in cancer through PI3KαExpand
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Discovery of imidazo[1,2-a]-pyridine inhibitors of pan-PI3 kinases that are efficacious in a mouse xenograft model.
Alterations in PI3K/AKT signaling are known to be implicated with tumorigenesis. The PI3 kinases family of lipid kinases has been an attractive therapeutic target for cancer treatment.Expand
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Disruption of IRElα through its Kinase Domain Attenuates Multiple Myeloma
Multiple myeloma (MM) arises from malignant immunoglobulin-secreting plasma cells and remains an incurable, often lethal disease despite recent therapeutic advances. The unfolded-protein responseExpand
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Fragment-Based Discovery of a Selective and Cell-Active Benzodiazepinone CBP/EP300 Bromodomain Inhibitor (CPI-637).
CBP and EP300 are highly homologous, bromodomain-containing transcription coactivators involved in numerous cellular pathways relevant to oncology. As part of our effort to explore the potentialExpand
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