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Women in France Since 1789: The Meanings of Difference
Preface Acknowledgements Introduction: The French Revolution and Gender Politics: Creating a World of Difference PART I: THE SOCIAL STRUCTURES OF DIFFERENCE: THE NINETEENTH-CENTURY GENDER ORDER EliteExpand
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Women In France Since 1789
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A Political Romance
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A Political Romance: Léon Gambetta, Léonie Léon and the Making of the French Republic, 1872-82
List of Illustrations List of Maps Preface Introduction: 'What Admirable Pages!' PART I: YEARS OF HOPE, 1872-1877 'The Unforgettable Day of 27 April' 'I want you to devote yourself to the Republic'Expand
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Women and the Creation of Republican France, 1852–1914
The Second Republic was born in hope in February 1848, mortally wounded in the June uprising, and killed off by Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte’s coup d’etat of December 1851. Twelve months laterExpand
‘I am smiling at your triumph, at our love’
The large republican majority in the first Chamber of Deputies was a two-edged sword. In theory, it promised the possibility of legislating a republican agenda. But with strength of numbers cameExpand
‘New Women’ in the Era of the Great War, 1890s–1920s
The Great War of 1914–1918 brought to an end the ‘Belle Epoque’, the quarter-century before the war when life for Europe’s bourgeoisie reached its finest flowering. The war dramatically affectedExpand