Susan K. Charles

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In this paper, we investigate the costs borne by both male and female carers in terms of their forgone formal employment opportunities. Traditionally, informal care was supplied by women but nowadays women are not only more likely to work, but also likely to be significant contributors to family finances. For women, this implies that the size of any forgone(More)
This paper reports an empirical investigation into the influence of informal care responsibilities on the labour supply of women. The objective is to examine the argument that the UK policy of caring for the chronic sick 'in the community' involves a nontrivial opportunity cost in the form of the forgone labour supply of the informal carers upon which it(More)
The impact of informal care responsibilities on the willingness and ability of caregivers to undertake paid employment has been the subject of a number of studies. In contrast, the effect of employment status on willingness to undertake informal care has been less well explored. This paper concentrates on this less-studied direction of causality using the(More)
document management, knowledge management, EDMS, internal documents, software engineers This case study examines a document management project implemented to provide storage and accessibility to internal HP software documents. The Kalliope project was undertaken to increase knowledge sharing, collaboration, and communication between software engineers in(More)
Culture and gender shape emotion experience and regulation, in part because the value placed on emotions and the manner of their expression is thought to vary across these groups. This study tested the hypothesis that culture and gender would interact to predict people's emotion responding (emotion intensity and regulatory strategies). Chinese (n=220; 52%(More)
 Sustainable IT Ecosystems: Enabling Next-Generation Cities Christopher E. Hoover, Ratnesh K. Sharma, Brian J. Watson, Susan K. Charles, Amip J. Shah, Chandrakant D. Patel, Manish Marwah, Thomas W. Christian, Cullen E. Bash HP Laboratories HPL-2010-73 sustainability, cities, sustainable it ecosystems, ecosystems, life cycle, microgrid, water, power,(More)
Many academic researchers are interested in obtaining the most current information available when conducting computerized literature searches. A research project was conducted to evaluate the feasibility of providing an online updating service to end-users searching CD-ROM databases. Searchers using Silver Platter's Agricola database were asked to(More)
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