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Tree architecture is an important, complex and dynamic trait affected by diverse genetic, ontogenetic and environmental factors. ‘Wijcik McIntosh’, a columnar (reduced branching) sport of ‘McIntosh’ and a valuable genetic resource, has been used intensively in apple-breeding programs for genetic improvement of tree architecture. The columnar growth habit is(More)
Apple fruit flavor is greatly affected by the level of malic acid, which is the major organic acid in mature apple fruit. To understand the genetic and molecular basis of apple fruit acidity, fruit juice pH and/or titratable acidity (TA) were measured in two half-sib populations GMAL 4595 [Royal Gala × PI (Plant Introduction) 613988] and GMAL 4590 (Royal(More)
Malus sieversii is a progenitor species of domestic apple M. × domestica. Using population “GMAL 4595” of 188 individuals derived from a cross of Royal Gala × PI 613988 (apple scab resistant, M. sieversii), 287 SSR (simple sequence repeats) loci were mapped. Of these SSRs, 80 are published anchors and 207 are newly developed EST (expressed sequence tag)(More)
Apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) is one of the top three US fruit crops in production and value. Apple production has high costs for land, labor and inputs, and orchards are a long-term commitment. Production is dominated by only a few apple scion and rootstock cultivars, which increases its susceptibility to dynamic external threats. Apple crop wild(More)
The Seminar. The seminar is a graduate level introduction to demography, where contemporary perspectives are developed with attention to theoretical and empirical substance. Specifically, the course addresses the study of demographic processes, focusing on the character, size, distribution, and composition of populations. Emphasis is placed on the key(More)
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