Susan Jill Stocks

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BACKGROUND Construction workers are at increased risk of work-related ill-health (WRI) worldwide. AIMS To compare the incidence of medically reported WRI in occupations within the UK construction industry according to job title. METHODS We calculated standardized incidence rate ratios (SRRs) using WRI cases for individual job titles returned to The(More)
The accumulation and toxicity of the weak base doxorubicin has been investigated as a function of extracellular pH, intracellular pH and the cellular pH gradient in cells previously cultured under normal (pH 7.4) and low-pH (6.8) conditions. Low-pH-adapted cells exhibit transmembrane pH gradients which substantially differ from normal cells at the same(More)
This study outlines how mechanistic organic chemistry related to covalent bond formation can be used to rationalize the ability of low molecular weight chemicals to cause respiratory sensitization. The results of an analysis of 104 chemicals which have been reported to cause respiratory sensitization in humans showed that most of the sensitizing chemicals(More)
BACKGROUND There is overwhelming evidence of the effectiveness of specialist stroke rehabilitation, but more limited evidence of the effectiveness of organised stroke care during the acute phase of stroke. OBJECTIVE To determine the impact on outcome of access to a mobile team during the acute phase of stroke among patients admitted to general wards. (More)
Effective interventions to reduce work-related exposures are available for many types of work-related diseases or injuries. However, knowledge of the impact of these interventions on injury or disease outcomes is scarce due to practical and methodological reasons. Study designs are considered for the evaluation of occupational health interventions on(More)
OBJECTIVE Hexavalent chromate (chromate) in cement is a well-recognised cause of allergic contact dermatitis (ACD). Consequently in January 2005, following European Union legislation (EU Directive 2003/53/EC), the use or supply of cement containing >2 ppm of chromate was prohibited in the UK (COSHH 2004). This analysis of work-related ill-health(More)
BACKGROUND Occupational allergic contact dermatitis (OACD) is one of the most common occupational skin diseases in developed countries, but data about its temporal trends in incidence remain sparse. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study is to describe OACD trends in terms of industrial activities and main causal agents in France over the period 2001-2010. (More)
When dental health professionals advise that sticky foods be avoided, it is left to the consumer to choose correctly among different foods. In this study, comparisons were made among consumer ratings of stickiness of 21 commercially available foods and objective measurements of tooth retention of each of the foods. No correlation was found between the two,(More)
The incidence and the causes of male infertility and male reproductive ill-health (in general) are important issues that remain poorly characterised. There does not appear to be a worldwide decline in semen quality but changes are more apparent in some regions than others. Furthermore, though the incidence of testicular cancer and congenital genital(More)
BACKGROUND Self-reported work-related ill-health (WRI) statistics suggest that agricultural workers in the UK are at an increased risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), skin and respiratory disease. However, there is little comprehensive medically reported information on WRI in the UK agricultural sector. METHODS Cases of WRI within the UK from 2002 to(More)