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Transrectal ultrasonography of ovaries was performed each day in non-prolific Western white-faced (n = 12) and prolific Finn ewes (n = 7), during one oestrous cycle in the middle portion of the(More)
1. A study has been made, in guinea-pig isolated trachealis, of the effects of charybdotoxin in modulating (a) the activity of large conductance K(+)-channels, (b) the spontaneous electrical activity(More)
1. Mechanical and electrophysiological studies of guinea-pig isolated trachealis have been made with the objectives of: (a) identifying which of the beta-adrenoceptor subtypes mediates the opening of(More)
When ovulation is induced with gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) in anoestrous ewes, a proportion of animals fail to form normal (full-lifespan) corpora lutea (CL). Progesterone treatment before(More)
Daily transrectal ultrasonography of ovaries was done in seven Finn ewes during three 17-day periods from May to July. Blood samples were collected each day for estimation of the serum(More)