Susan J. Zachwieja

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To play an essential role in C4 photosynthesis, the maize C4 phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase gene (PPCZm1) acquired many new expression features, such as leaf specificity, mesophyll specificity, light inducibility and high activity, that distinguish the unique C4 PPC from numerous non-C4 PPC genes in maize. We present here the first investigation of the(More)
We have investigated the interaction between tungsten and gold microprojectiles with suspension-culture cells of maize used for genetic transformation. Particle size measurements were evaluated before and after DNA precipitation to determine mean particle size and the effect of DNA precipitation on particle aggregation. Following particle bombardment, metal(More)
Using microprojectile bombardment of maize suspension cultures and bialaphos selection, transformed embryogenic calli have been recovered in numerous independent experiments. Fertile transgenic plants have been regenerated from several transformed callus lines. Stable inheritance and expression ofbar and functional activity of the enzyme phosphinothricin(More)
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