Susan J. Morris

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Influenza virus is a major human pathogen that causes epidemics and pandemics with increased morbidity and, especially in the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions, increased mortality. Influenza is characterised by respiratory symptoms and constitutional symptoms. Whilst knowledge of the mechanisms underlying host and tissue specificity(More)
The virulent influenza virus clone 7a produced a greater level of apoptosis in MDCK cells compared with the attenuated strain A/Fiji. In both cases, apoptosis could be partially blocked by treatment with three anti-neuraminidase compounds [4-amino-(GR121158A) and 4-guanidino- (GG167; Zanamivir) 2,3-dehydro-N-acetylneuraminic acid and(More)
Primary malignant rhabdoid tumour of the central nervous system is a rare neoplasm affecting children. We present a pathologically proven case, which was initially referred to the paediatric surgeons as a sebaceous cyst, and highlights the importance of imaging prior to surgery of potentially innocuous scalp lesions. Imaging features on CT and MRI are(More)
Previously, we have shown that an H3N2 influenza virus (clone 7a) induced more apoptosis in MDCK cells than an H1N1 (A/Fiji) influenza virus and that the virion neuraminidase (NA) played a role in the induction of apoptosis. In this study we have examined a further 6 N2 (H3/H2) and 3 N1 (Hsw/H1) viruses and confirmed that the N2 viruses induce more(More)
Three influenza viruses, A/Puerto Rico/8/34-A/England/939/69 clone 7a (H3N2), A/Fiji/15899/83 (H1N1), and A/Victoria/3/75 (H3N2), induce different levels of apoptosis in vitro at equal moi; Clone 7a > A/Victoria > A/Fiji. Previous studies have shown that several viral proteins from clone 7a and A/Fiji, including PB2, NA, NS1, M1, and M2, induce apoptosis(More)
The emphasis of UK Government policy on primary-care-based services has led to more physiotherapists working in the community. The aims of the present study were to identify the perceived professional, educational and personal needs of community physiotherapists, and to determine good practice in meeting these needs. A survey of physiotherapists working in(More)
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