Susan J. Mangold

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A conventional hearing aid has a frequency response that does not change much at normal listening levels. It is therefore unlikely that optimal speech intelligibility and optimal listening comfort can be obtained simultaneously, or in different listening environments. With a programmable hearing aid with multiple memories the listener can choose between a(More)
As a token of my deep appreciation for their professionalism and dedication to the ideals of our magazine, I hereby acknowledge with the list below the many reviewers that have reviewed tirelessly papers for IEEE Network during the past year. Their behind the scenes work provides the strong foundation upon which the quality papers that you read in our(More)
Dynamic spectrum assignment refers to a new approach for radio regulation. Whereas today either command-and-control licensing, or alternatively unlicensed bands are used to coordinate the radio spectrum utilization, it is envisioned to coordinate the spectrum utilization in a more flexible way with the help of dynamic spectrum assignment. With this new(More)
An experiment was conducted to determine whether accuracy and efficiency of detecting loss in one's own forward speed are constant when optical information is invariant over a wide range of environmental variables. Deceleration rate, initial forward velocity, and altitude were varied so as to isolate initial optical flow rate, optical flow deceleration, and(More)
A lawyer representing seven-year-old James discussed James' options with him at considerable length. She explained to him that he had a number of choices about where he would live, some with family , some in foster care, and she took pains to discuss the likely consequences of each of his choices. James participated actively in the conversation, and had no(More)
Interestingly Visible Light Communication is gaining much interest by researchers due to its some unique advantages over Radio Frequency. In this paper we will look at the possibilities of LED to LED communication using different color LED as a sensor (called Wavelength Division Multiplexing). This technology has quit unique applications. One can discover(More)
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