Susan J Kirkpatrick

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DNA sequence and annotation of the entire human chromosome 7, encompassing nearly 158 million nucleotides of DNA and 1917 gene structures, are presented. To generate a higher order description, additional structural features such as imprinted genes, fragile sites, and segmental duplications were integrated at the level of the DNA sequence with medical(More)
BACKGROUND Improving the recognition of transient ischaemic attack (TIA) at initial healthcare contact is essential as urgent specialist assessment and treatment reduces stroke risk. Accurate TIA detection could be achieved with clinical prediction rules but none have been validated in primary care. An alternative approach using qualitative analysis of(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore people's experiences of starting antidepressant treatment. DESIGN Qualitative interpretive approach combining thematic analysis with constant comparison. Relevant coding reports from the original studies (generated using NVivo) relating to initial experiences of antidepressants were explored in further detail, focusing on the ways in(More)
Discontents surrounding depression are many, and include concerns about a creeping appropriation of everyday kinds of misery; divergent opinions on the diagnostic category(ies); and debates about causes and appropriate treatments. The somewhat mixed fortunes of antidepressants - including concerns about their efficacy, overuse and impacts on personhood -(More)
Previous research on the biomechanics of tool use has focused heavily on traits correlated with locomotion, tool manufacturing, and habitual tool use. Features like the breadth of the metacarpals, relative length of the thumb, styloid process of the third metacarpal, and the breadth of the apical tufts are skeletal features associated with the use and(More)
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