Susan J. Gross

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BACKGROUND It is uncertain how best to screen pregnant women for the presence of fetal Down's syndrome: to perform first-trimester screening, to perform second-trimester screening, or to use strategies incorporating measurements in both trimesters. METHODS Women with singleton pregnancies underwent first-trimester combined screening (measurement of nuchal(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate whether maternal thyroid hypofunction is associated with complications. METHODS A total of 10,990 patients had first- and second-trimester serum assayed for thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), free thyroxine (freeT4), and antithyroglobulin and antithyroid peroxidase antibodies. Thyroid hypofunction was defined as 1) subclinical(More)
Disclaimer: This guideline is designed primarily as an educational resource for medical geneticists and other health care providers to help them provide quality medical genetic services. Adherence to this guideline does not necessarily assure a successful medical outcome. This guideline should not be considered inclusive of all proper procedures and tests(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine whether patients with first-trimester threatened abortion are at increased risk for poor pregnancy outcome. STUDY DESIGN A large prospective multicenter database was studied. Subjects were divided into three groups: (1) no bleeding, (2) light bleeding, and (3) heavy bleeding. Univariate and(More)
Department of Genetics and Developmental Biology, University of Connecticut Health Center, Farmington, CT, USA Prenatal Diagnosis Unit, Institute of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Neonatology, Hospital Clinic, Maternitat Campus, University of Barcelona Medical School, Catalonia, Spain Department of Chemical Pathology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Prince(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if first trimester fetal growth is associated with birth weight, duration of pregnancy, and the risk of delivering a small for gestational age infant. DESIGN Prospective cohort study of 38 033 pregnancies between 1999 and 2003. SETTING 15 centres representing major regions of the United States. PARTICIPANTS 976 women from the(More)
President President-Elect Past President Secretary Treasurer Lucas Otaño MD, PhD (Argentina) Ignatia B. Van den Veyver MD (USA) Jan M.M. van Lith MD, PhD (Netherlands) Louise Wilkins-Haug MD (USA) Antoni Borrell MD, PhD (Spain) Directors Peter Benn PhD, DSc (USA) Lyn Chitty PhD (UK) Rossa Chiu (Hong Kong) Roland Devlieger MD, PhD (Belgium) Sylvie Langlois(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate outpatient outcome measures of a multi-center, state-wide, universal newborn hearing screening project. DESIGN Eight hospitals participated in a 3-yr, funded project. Each hospital designed its own protocol using common criteria for judging whether an infant passed a hearing screening. Infants were tested in the hospital, and(More)
BACKGROUND Low plasma folate concentrations in pregnancy are associated with preterm birth. Here we show an association between preconceptional folate supplementation and the risk of spontaneous preterm birth. METHODS AND FINDINGS In a cohort of 34,480 low-risk singleton pregnancies enrolled in a study of aneuploidy risk, preconceptional folate(More)