Susan I Robinson

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BACKGROUND Growing concerns about the ability to maintain and increase the general practitioner (GP) workforce has led to active recruitment of GPs from overseas. However, little is known about why these GPs choose to leave their countries and come to work in London. AIM To investigate the motivations and expectations of French GPs migrating to work in(More)
BACKGROUND: In response to the Kosovo crisis, Canada received 5,500 Albanian Kosovar refugees in 1999 as part of the emergency humanitarian evacuation and settlement effort. This study attempts to describe the experiences of service providers at the international, national, and local levels, involved in the organization and delivery of health and settlement(More)
BACKGROUND GPs often perceive home-visit requests as a time-consuming aspect of general practice. The new general medical services contract provides for practices to be relieved of responsibility for home-visits, although there is no model for the transfer of care. One such model could be to employ nurse practitioners to manage such requests. Nurse(More)
BACKGROUND In 1999, a group of Kosovars arrived in Hamilton, Ontario, with a coordinated international pre-migration plan, as part of the United Nations Humanitarian Evacuation Program. Since 1997, a substantial number of Roma refugees from the Czech Republic also arrived in Hamilton, with no special pre-migration planning. This study examined whether the(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVE Radiology faces a severe and growing shortage of radiologic technologists. One way of redressing this problem is to improve the quality of education provided to radiologic technology students. Yet growing clinical demands increasingly erode faculty time for teaching. This study examined whether radiology residents could provide(More)
BACKGROUND Participation in horticulture and arts may improve wellbeing in those with mental and physical illness. AIM To conduct an in-depth exploration of the views and experience of participants of a primary-care-based horticultural and participatory arts rehabilitation project (Sydenham Garden). DESIGN AND SETTING Qualitative interview study of a(More)
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