Susan Helper

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We use survey data and eld research to investigate the effects of employee involvement practices on outcomes for blue-collar workers in the auto-supply industry. We nd these practices raise wages by 3–5%. The causal mechanism linking involvement and wages appears to be most consistent with effciency-wage theories, and least consistent with compensating(More)
Acknowledgements: Helper thanks the MIT International Motor Vehicle Program and the Case Western Reserve University Center for Regional Economic Issues for funding collection of survey data. We are grateful to the survey respondents and case study participants. Rich Parkin ran many of the original analyses, and Laura Leete 's input to a related article(More)
This paper starts from the observation that firms are increasingly engaging in collaborations with their suppliers, even as they are reducing the extent to which they are vertically integrated with those suppliers. This fact seems incompatible with traditional theories of the firm, which argue that integration is necessary to avoid the potential for holdups(More)
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