Susan Hatters Friedman

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The increasing availability of personal genomic tests has led to discussions about the validity and utility of such tests and the balance of benefits and harms. A multidisciplinary workshop was convened by the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to review the scientific foundation for using personal genomics in(More)
The purpose of this phenomenological study was to identify commonly occurring factors in filicide-suicide offenders, to describe this phenomenon better, and ultimately to enhance prevention of child murder. Thirty families' files from a county coroner's office were reviewed for commonly occurring factors in cases of filicide-suicide. Parental motives for(More)
OBJECTIVE Maternal filicide, or child murder by mothers, occurs more frequently in the United States than in other developed nations. However, little is known about factors that confer risk to children. The authors review the literature to identify predictors of maternal filicide and identify gaps in knowledge about maternal filicide. METHOD Databases(More)
Neurosarcoidosis is a rare disorder in which psychosis and dementia may occur. They usually appear subsequently to the diagnosis of pulmonary sarcoidosis. We report on a 39-year-old patient who presented with long-term decline and acute onset of psychosis and delirium, and who was found to have neurosarcoidosis.
The tragedy of maternal filicide, or child murder by mothers, has occurred throughout history and throughout the world. This review of the research literature sought to identify common predictors in the general population as well as in correctional and psychiatric samples. Further research is needed to improve identification of children and mothers at risk.(More)
BACKGROUND The BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes confer increased susceptibility to breast and ovarian cancer and to a spectrum of other cancers. There is controversy regarding the risk of colorectal cancer conferred by germline mutations in these two genes. METHODS We followed 7015 women with a BRCA mutation for new cases of colorectal cancer. Incidence rates in(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this work was to compare the predictive accuracy of alternative risk-assessment strategies used to screen for the risk of significant neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. PATIENTS AND METHODS We conducted a prospective cohort study of 823 term and near-term newborns admitted to the well-infant nursery at the Hospital of the University of(More)
In order to assess characteristics of women with denial or concealment of pregnancy until delivery, the authors conducted a retrospective study of women with no history of prenatal care who presented to their institution for delivery or immediately postpartum. Among these women, 29% had denied pregnancy, and 9% had concealed pregnancy. Authors constructed(More)
This article explores the phenomenon of neonaticide, the murder of an infant during the first day of life. Characteristics of maternal neonaticide offenders in industrialized countries were identified based on a systematic literature review. Neonaticides were most often committed by poor, relatively young, single women who lacked prenatal care. Efforts to(More)