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PROBLEM The rapid growth of teleworking has raised several social and legal issues regarding an employer's responsibility for the safety of an employee's home office. In this paper, researchers discuss the need for safety training for teleworkers and the effectiveness of a home office ergonomics training program. METHOD Study participants (N = 50) were(More)
The transmembrane (TM) domains of many integral membrane proteins are composed of alpha-helix bundles. Structure determination at high resolution (<4 A) of TM domains is still exceedingly difficult experimentally. Hence, some TM-protein structures have only been solved at intermediate (5-10 A) or low (>10 A) resolutions using, for example, cryo-electron(More)
What is positive psychology? Where has it come from? Where is it going? These are the questions we address in this article. In defining positive psychology, we distinguish between the meta-psychological level, where the aim of positive psychology is to redress the imbalance in psychology research and practice, and the pragmatic level, which is concerned(More)
With its global reach and pervasiveness, the Internet enables individuals to be more connected through electronic linkages than ever before. In such a highly interdependent network, individual behaviors can have far-reaching consequences that transcend borders between people, organizations and nations. Because home computer users represent a weak link in(More)
This study focuses on the impact of using the Unique Card technology for electronic commerce transactions. This research has studied how the two factors, lowered privacy and security concerns, and perceived higher trust, lead to consumers' intention to transact using the Unique Card technology. The proposed research model is initially tested, and the(More)
This study investigated the relationships among perceived course value, student engagement, deep learning strategies, and surface learning strategies. The study relied on constructs from previous studies to measure course value, engagement, surface learning strategy, and deep learning strategy. Statistically significant findings were observed between(More)
  • Susan Harrington, Cynthia Ruppel, And Ruppel, Susan J Harrington, Cynthia P Ruppel
  • 2013
The authors are grateful to Lei Jin for her invaluable assistance on this project. 2 Telecommuting is defined as the employees' use of telecommunications equipment to carry out their normal day-today activities while physically located offsite from the standard workplace. Abstract Innovation literature has long advocated that an innovation may be compatible(More)
Research on the concept of telecommuting or telework, as it is known in various areas of the world, has appeared in information systems (IS) and non-IS publications for more than 20 years. Research areas with respect to telecommuting are quite varied, from Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) use, to transportation, managerial control, work-life(More)
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