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Power losses of 700V 2.7mOmegacm<sup>2</sup> SiC-MOSFETs including influences of circuit stray inductances have been investigated with an originally developed circuit power loss simulator. The device parameters of the SiC-MOSFETs for the power loss calculation are extracted from a SiC-IEMOSFET fabricated at AIST PERC. The power losses of three types of chip(More)
We have been developing the technology for high definition AC plasma display panels over 40-inch diagonals. In general, when the resolution of the PDPs increases, the brightness decreases because the sustain electrodes breadth becomes narrow. When Using wide sustain electrodes in order to increase the brightness, a discharge toward the adjacent line's(More)
This paper presents the development of hydraulic performance in a high head Francis pump-turbine runner which is adopted at pumped storage power plant. In order to achieve the improvements of turbine efficiency, pump efficiency and cavitation performance for turbine and pump mode throughout a wide operating range, a new runner was designed by the latest(More)
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