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OBJECTIVES Although there is widespread agreement about the importance of transferring knowledge into action, we still lack high quality information about what works, in which settings and with whom. While there are a large number of models and theories for knowledge transfer interventions, the majority are untested, meaning that their applicability and(More)
Transferring health care research into policy and practice is a messy and complex process which both policymakers and researchers can struggle with. A potential solution is to use individuals or organisations as knowledge brokers. Using a range of literature, this paper explains the theory behind knowledge brokering, identifies three models of brokering and(More)
BACKGROUND There are many theories about knowledge transfer but there are few clear descriptions of knowledge transfer interventions or the processes they involve. This failure to characterise structure and process in proposed KT interventions is a major barrier to the design and implementation of evaluations of particular KT strategies. This study is(More)
Knowledge translation is underpinned by a dynamic and social knowledge exchange process but there are few descriptions of how this unfolds in practice settings. This has hampered attempts to produce realistic and useful models to help policymakers and researchers understand how knowledge exchange works. This paper reports the results of research which(More)
AIM This review aimed to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of evidence for the use of clinical and quality dashboards in health care environments. METHODS A literature search was performed for the dates 1996-2012 on CINAHL, Medline, Embase, Cochrane Library, PsychInfo, Science Direct and ACM Digital Library. A citation search and a(More)
  • Susan Hamer
  • 2000
IN 1995 Making it Happen (SNMAC) made a series of recommendations for nurses, midwives and health visitors concerning the development of new roles and the consolidation of existing practices in relation to public health. Since that time, the health policy context has changed dramatically and a subsequent review carried out in the Northern and Yorkshire(More)
Using a case study design, the aim of this research was to assess and evaluate the activities of the infection control departments in six hospitals. An additional aim was to examine the knowledge base of nursing staff in the clinical setting with regard to hospital policy and systems of infection control audit. The results from the study indicate that five(More)