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'Laser-like,' long-range coherent quantum phenomena may occur biologically within cytoskeletal microtubules. This paper presents a theoretical prediction of the occurrence in biological media of the phenomena which we term 'superradiance' and 'self-induced transparency'. Interactions between the electric dipole field of water molecules confined within the(More)
The Penrose-Hameroff orchestrated objective reduction (orch. OR) model assigns a cognitive role to quantum computations in microtubules within the neurons of the brain. Despite an apparently "warm, wet, and noisy" intracellular milieu, the proposal suggests that microtubules avoid environmental decoherence long enough to reach threshold for "self-collapse"(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To examine the psychometric characteristics of the Brief Pain Inventory (BPI) for surgical patients with cancer and to compare the validity and reliability results between surgical and medical patients with cancer. DESIGN Descriptive and correlational. SETTING Inpatient units in two veterans hospitals. SAMPLE 388 patients with(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To describe the experience of being a pain resource nurse (PRN), discuss the influence of the PRN's role on colleagues and patient care, and explore barriers to the PRN role. DESIGN Qualitative, exploratory. SETTING A Veterans Administration hospital in the southeastern United States. SAMPLE 12 nurses who received advanced training(More)
Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals has agreed to withdraw propoxyphene, an opioid pain reliever used to treat mild to moderate pain, from the U.S. market at the request of the FDA, due to new data showing that the drug can cause serious toxicity to the heart, even when used at therapeutic doses. FDA concluded that the safety risks of propoxyphene outweigh its(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To determine the changes in knowledge and attitudes of pain resource nurses (PRNs) as a result of an intensive pain management course. DESIGN Pre- and post-test design. SETTING A Veterans Administration hospital in the southeastern United States. SAMPLE 18 RNs from multiple units where care is provided for veterans with cancer. (More)
We present results from our study of which uses syntactically and semantically motivated information to group segments of sentences into unbreakable units for the purpose of typesetting those sentences in a region of a fixed width, using an otherwise standard dynamic programming line breaking algorithm, to minimize ragged-ness. In addition to a rule-based(More)