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Increased root exudation and a related stimulation of rhizosphere-microbial growth have been hypothesised as possible explanations for a lower nitrogen-(N-) nutritional status of plants grown under elevated atmospheric CO 2 concentrations, due to enhanced plant-microbial N competition in the rhizosphere. Leguminous plants may be able to counterbalance the(More)
We tested three developmental models postulating different effects of feeding and growth rates on nymphal development rate in female Romalea microptera (Beauvois). We also tested whether assimilation efficiency during the last stadium was affected by earlier feeding in ways that buffer effects of sub-optimal feeding. Hatchling R. microptera were raised in(More)
Size and quality of the medullary space in the mandibular ramus are highly variable. Mean value studies using CT scans show a broad range of variation for vertical measurements of the medullary space. An individual CT scan of the mandibular ramus therefore seems to be necessary to establish the optimum line of osteotomy in preparing a sagittal split(More)
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